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datenfabrik Tasks and Components

datenfabrik is a company that specializes in direct marketing, and provides some SSIS components for data cleansing.

Company Website:

Data Flow Components


  • Address - Validates, standardizes and geocodes addresses with reference data of more than 240 countries and territories.
  • Currency - Converts amounts of money into different currencies with current and historical data information.
  • Dedupe - Quickly and successfully detects duplicates with unrivalled speed.
  • Deletix - Deletes duplicates based on different priority information and builds detailed processing logs.
  • Email - Validates email addresses based on RFC 2822 and DNS queries.
  • Gender - Ascertains the correct salutation for various countries by using the first name.
  • Merge - Merges duplicates within structured data pools (record linkage).
  • Null - Deletes spaces at the start and end of a string and translates empty strings automatically into DBNULL. This product is freeware.
  • Phone - Validates and corrects phone numbers and customer data.

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