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These items are freeware and include source code. SQLBI.EU is run by Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo.

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  • Distinct: Distinct is a partially blocking component that remove duplicates from one flow. Its main advantages against the sort component provided in SSIS are less memory usage, partially blocking component, fast performance.
  • FlowSync: FlowSync is a component that will make two or more flows of data in an SSIS data flow package run at the same speed, by stopping one flow if the others run too slow. It has been created as a convenient companion to TableDifference to resolve the problems with memory occupation, it can be used by its own in the case where you want flows to run at the same speed. It makes use of semaphores to handle synchronization, so no CPU is ever wasted, when the faster flows is stopped all the CPU is free for others (more useful) processes.
  • TableDifference: TableDifference is an SSIS custom component designed to simplify the management of slowly changing dimensions and – in general – to check the differences between two tables or data flow with SSIS. Its main advantage over Microsoft standard SCD component is its speed and ease of use, the component receives input from two sorted sources and generates different outputs for unchanged, new, deleted or updated rows.


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