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Varchar in sql creating extra whitespaces


Well, I am building a small hobby program in C#, and I am trying to write information from my program to Sql

The thing is I have some varchar fields in Sql with a max length of 50 when I send information to fill those columns they will be added with extra space until reaching 50 chars

I already tried to change varchar to nvarchar just to see if it works

What I have been researching is that nchar does this kind of thing but with varchar I shouldn't have problem but I am having them..

public PersonModel CreatePerson(PersonModel model)
using (IDbConnection connection =
    new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(GlobalConfig.CnnString(db)))
    var p = new DynamicParameters();
    p.Add("@FirstName", model.FirstName);
    p.Add("@LastName", model.LastName);
    p.Add("@EmailAddress", model.EmailAddress);
    p.Add("@CellphoneNumber", model.CellphoneNumber);
    p.Add("@id", 0, dbType: DbType.Int32, direction: ParameterDirection.Output);

    connection.Execute("dbo.spPeople_Insert", p, commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure);
    model.Id = p.Get<int>("@id");

    return model;
and here is how i call it
if (ValidateForm())
    PersonModel p = new PersonModel();
    p.FirstName = firstNameValue.Text;
    p.LastName = lastNameValue.Text;
    p.EmailAddress = emailValue.Text;
    p.CellphoneNumber = cellphoneValue.Text;
those are textbox in my form btw