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RegExFlatFile project missing regexsample.snk


Missing signing key file.
Closed Feb 14, 2009 at 10:01 PM by toddmcdermid
You should find that all SSIS Custom Components - and virtually every other project on CodePlex could be "missing" an SNK file in the source code. The SNK file is the private key for the author. The author (coordinator) chose not to use a single-purpose SNK key for the purposes of strong-naming that project and only that project. They have likely created a single SNK file to use for all of their own projects - published or not on CodePlex or any other public venue. If they provided this SNK file, they would, in effect, be granting permission to others to "impersonate" them.

You need to create your own SNK file with the "sn" utility, and use that SNK file for the project.