CozyRoc Tasks and Components

CozyRoc LLC is a company that develops custom Tasks and Components for SSIS.

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Connection Managers

Control Flow Tasks

  • Amazon S3 Task - Send and receive files to Amazon S3 service.
  • Data Flow Task Plus - Allows setup of dynamic data flows. The dynamic setup options can be controlled with parameters from outside. This feature lessens the need to manually open and modify the data flow design, when new source and destination columns have to be accommodated.
  • Database Partitions Task - Microsoft SQL 2005 introduced table partitioning feature for handling large amounts of data. The feature is supported through proprietary SQL syntax extension.
  • Excel Task - Management of Microsoft Excel workbooks.
  • Jabber Task - interaction with Jabber/XMPP clients.
  • OpenPGP Task - encryption and decryption using the OpenPGP (RFC 2440) standard.
  • Receive Mail Task Plus - Receive emails with support for security.
  • SCP Task - secure copying of files with SSH server.
  • Script Task Plus - The standard script task doesn't have the ability to reuse script code. If the SSIS developer wants to reuse the same script in a different task, he has to copy and paste the code. Our solution is to extend the standard script task with ability to link to a common script code.
  • Secure FTP Task - Secure FTP communication.
  • Send Mail Task Plus - Enhanced task for sending emails with support for security.
  • Stream Task - management and manipulation of standard Stream object.
  • Template Task - generation of text documents like XML, EDI, HTML, CSV, etc.
  • SSH Execute Task - Secure execution of shell commands on a remote SSH server.
  • Zip Task - compress and decompress of Zip, GZip, BZip2, Unix (rfc1950) and Tar archives.

Data Flow Components


  • Data Flow Source - Reads data into a data flow previously sent to a CozyRoc Data Flow Destination component.
  • Dynamics CRM Source - Loads data from Dynamics CRM service.
  • EDI Source - Parses EDI format files. Used successfully to process 210, 810, 820, 834, 835, 852, 855 formats.
  • Excel Source Plus - Load data from Microsoft Excel workbook.
  • SalesForce - Read data from
  • SharePoint Source - Load data from Microsoft SharePoint list.


  • Address Parse - parsing, correcting and standardizing United States Addresses. With an optional purchase of the latest USPS reference database containing more than 120 million addresses, you can verify your addresses and avoid costly errors.
  • Flow Synchronization - Make data flows run with same speed.
  • Lookup Plus - enhanced functionality compared to the standard SSIS Lookup component. To simplify your data flows, the component allows multiple lookup definitions in the same dialog and definition of values when the input cannot be matched or when it is undefined.
  • Script Component Plus - extension of the standard Script Component. It does provide similar benefits like Script Task Plus, but for Microsoft Data Flow Task. You can reuse your data flow script code and build user interface to simplify your script configuration. These features reduce the need to implement custom SSIS script components.
  • TableDifference - Detect table differences faster than standard SCD component.


  • Data Flow Destination - Stores a rowset for subsequent use in a CozyRoc Data Flow Source component.
  • DB2 Destination - connects to DB2 database and bulk loads data into DB2 database tables. It is much faster than the standard loading , using OLE DB Destination.
  • Dynamics CRM Destination - Store data to Dynamics CRM service.
  • Excel Destination Plus - Store data to Microsoft Excel workbook.
  • ul:Informix Destination - connects to Informix database and bulk loads data into Informix database tables. It is much faster than the standard loading , using OLE DB Destination.
  • ODBC Destination - loading data into ODBC-compatible database table. The component can use either the standard ODBC insert interface or the optimized bulk-load engine.
  • Oracle Destination - connects to Oracle database and bulk loads data into Oracle tables. It uses a direct path load approach. Using direct path load is faster than the standard loading (using the OLE DB Destination) as it formats Oracle data blocks and writes the data blocks directly to the data files.
  • SalesForce - Send data to
  • SharePoint Destination - Store data to Microsoft SharePoint list.

Reviews: Andy Leonard - SSIS Third-Party Components: CozyRoc

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