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Tasks and Components available from Melissa Data

Melissa Data offers multiple products and services for data cleansing and manipulation, and offer several tools for Integration Services in their Total Data Quality Integration Toolkit.

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Available Components


Data Profiling and Monitoring

Operates as the first line of defense to identify data quality issues that require immediate attention and avoid unnecessary processing of unacceptable data. Real-time monitoring puts into place automated processes to detect when data exceeds pre-set limits so you can immediately recognize and correct issues before the quality of your data declines.
  • Column Profiling
  • Value Distribution
  • Column Pattern Transform

Generalized Cleansing

Corrects data values to meet specific business standards, customer business rules, or relationship constraints.
  • Validation and Cleansing Transform
  • Normalization Transform

Fuzzy Matching

Sophisticated matching technology consolidates customer records into identifiable groups, and links or merges related records within or across disparate datasets.
  • Fuzzy Matching (Jaro, n-Gram) Transform
  • Fuzzy Matching (Jaro-Winkler) Transform
  • Fuzzy Matching (n-Gram) Transform
  • ... more transforms due soon


  • Matchup Object Transform: MatchUp Object is an extremely fast and powerful tool used to find and eliminate duplicate records. Because merge/purge and deduplication go hand in hand with data quality initiatives, the powerful features of the MatchUp Object Transform can help fulfill the needs of many companies in helping establish and maintain high quality contact data and a single view of the customer. By deduplicating your database you can reduce printing costs, increase response rates, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain a more efficient database.


  • Address Object Transform: Protect against fraud, waste and excess mailing costs by cleaning your database of inaccurate and undeliverable addresses with Melissa Data’s Address Transform. This CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) CertifiedTM integrates with SSIS to correct, validate and standardizes addresses against the latest USPS® DPV® file.
  • Geocoder Transform: GeoCoder appends latitude and longitude coordinates, Census track and block numbers, and county name and FIPS code to the ZIP+4TM level. The enhanced version of GeoCoder Transform includes GeoPoints which provides the latitude/longitude to the doorstop level for the ultimate in pinpoint accuracy.
  • Phone Object Transform: Reach customers quickly and enhance telemarketing effectiveness by verifying phone numbers with Melissa Data’s Phone Object Transform. This product will help you reduce data entry errors while updating and correcting any U.S. or Canadian area code and prefix combination.
  • Name Object Transform: Parse the names in your database into 5 components: Prefix, First, Middle, or Initial, Last, and Suffix; and discover the gender makeup of your list for better personalization and targeted marketing efforts with the Name Object Transform. Also flags suspicious and vulgar names and parses multiple names.
  • Email Object Transform: Validate and correct misspelled or invalid email addresses to increase email marketing effectiveness, avoid bounce-backs, and reduce online fraud with accurate, legitimate email addresses. The Email Object transform provides three levels of verification: Syntax, Local Database, and MX Lookup.
  • SmartMover Transform: Every year, around 43 million American individuals, families, and businesses move. There is no to need waste time, money, and postage on undeliverable-as-addressed mail – use Melissa Data’s SSIS SmartMover client to NCOALink process your mailing list to stay connected with customers that have moved so your mail reaches their mailbox on time for your sale, important notice, special event or other announcement. And NCOALink processing is now required by the USPS® to qualify your First-ClassTM and Standard mailings for postal discounts.

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