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Creator: Jamie Thomson

Description: Very simply this transformation component takes a single input and splits it into two outputs. The first output (called the "master" output) is a distinct list of all the previously redundant data (SalesOrderNumber & OrderDate in the example above) and the second (called the "detail" output) is all the non-redundant data (Product & Quantity in the example above). Both outputs will contain a column of type DT_I4 called LinkID that links together data in the two outputs.

Main Project Site: Normaliser Component on CodePlex

Source Download: Normaliser Component on CodePlex, Souce Code Tab
Binary Download: Externally hosted

Instructions: Jamie Thomson's SSIS Junkie blog - The Normaliser Component

None by the SSIS Community Tasks and Components coordinators.
See community comments on Jamie's two blog entries - SSIS: The Normaliser Component and SSIS: Normaliser Component bug fix

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