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Tasks and Components available from Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works sell these components as part of their Task Factory product.

Available Tasks

  • Secure FTP Task: Brings encrypted security to FTP within SSIS. Many companies transmit files using FTP as a transmission method for highly sensitive files. The Task Factory Secure FTP Task will allow you to transmit files over most common secure channels to your partners safely.
  • Compression Task: Compresses or decompresses a file or directory. Many companies struggle with transmitting files larger than 1 GB. Our Compression Task will compress files within SSIS by up to 90%, allowing greater speed and less network space.
  • File Properties Task: Reads the properties of any file and stores property in variable. Many companies receive large data files from outside their organizations and run the risk of loading the file prematurely during transmission causing an SSIS failure. Our File Properties Task gives you the power to eliminate this problem by determining if the file is in use or transmitted before loading. The File Properties Task additionally saves drive space by identifying old files ready for archive.

Available Components



  • Data Validation Component: Acts as a gatekeeper for your data. Many companies receive questionable data from various sources, causing a myriad of production problems and inconsistant reporting. The Data Validation Transform verifies that your data is clean prior to insertion. Rows that are suspicious are flagged for later removal or additional business rules.


  • Upsert Destination: Helps synchronize two systems no matter the source or destination. Many companies struggle with the development of loading procedures that determine whether the row is new or to be updated. The Upsert Destination reads the rows coming into the data flow and detects if the row should be inserted or updated. This saves the developer a long development cycle and could save up to 90% on each execution of a package.

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