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SSIS Downgrade

Creator: Simon Sabin (from an internal unsupported Microsoft tool)

Description: This program will downgrade an SSIS 2008 package to a 2005 version. It will only downgrade Microsoft tasks and components provided in-the-box with SQL Server Integration Services. If you have any custom tasks or components, those will not be downgraded (although they still may work). This utility will downgrade the Lookup component successfully. This utility will NOT downgrade SSIS 2008R2 packages that have ADO.Net Destinations.

Main Project Site: SSIS Downgrade on CodePlex

Source Download: SSIS Downgrade on CodePlex, Source Code Tab
Binary Download: SSIS Downgrade on CodePlex, Releases Tab

Instructions: SSIS Downgrade Wiki


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otykier Sep 13, 2012 at 3:05 PM 
Does anyone know how I would go about downgrading the new SSIS 2012 packages (SSDT - Visual Studio 2010) to be able to execute them on SQL Server 2008r2? Thanks in advance.